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Gammon Has Had a Devastating Impact on the Board Game Industry

Leading manufacturers of one of the world’s oldest board games have today announced that they are expecting huge losses over the coming financial year as retailers’ slash orders for Backgammon sets – against the fuchsia backdrop of controversy over the very nature of gammon.

Did you know that Sajid Javid Was the Son of a bus driver?

What can the Conservative Party offer a working-class kid from Rochdale? Ordinarily, fuck-all. However, if that working-class kid from Rochdale had been a managing director at Deutsche bank, a millionaire, an MP for eight years, a cabinet minister for four years, and the son of a bus driver, then its the position of Home Secretary!

Corbyn Ignores Royal Birth to Appease a Dragon

Jeremy Corbyn has sparked outrage across social media by taking 185 minutes to tweet a brief statement congratulating the Duke and Duchess of Windsor on the birth of their son. The reason for his unforgivable oversight is astonishing, yet predictable.

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God Doesn’t Give a Shit About Brexit

God Doesn’t Give a Shit About Brexit

The Lord Almighty revealed yesterday that he really doesn't give a shit about Brexit, and as he gave mankind free-will, it is pretty much up to them to deal with this kind of crap.

Kim Jong-Un – Anger Management Tips

Kim Jong-Un – Anger Management Tips

When it comes to angry, irrational behaviour Kim Jong-Un is one of the world's best. Harmony Blossom, offers some anger management tips, to this plucky, despot mentalist.