2016 Deserves Farage to be Time Person of the Year.

Despite the horrifying implications of having Farage's grinning face on the front cover - he probably is the right person to embody an extremely shitty year, experts say.

'Person' of the Year?
‘Person’ of the Year?

People have reacted with horror at the thought of a racist, failed politician being nominated as TIME person of the year.

Grotesquely Abnormal
However experts have argued that his nicotine stained smile, grotesquely abnormal mouth, and selfish money grabbing personality, epitomizes perfectly how shit 2016 has been.

2016 has been truly horrible,” explained year analyst, Simon Isthatajob “Much-loved celebrity, after much-loved celebrity has passed away, and the far right is rearing its ugly head across Europe and America.”

Who better to represent this nightmare than a shit-stain, who incited racial hatred in the recent Brexit referendum – whilst I might add, still taking a salary from the EU!” he said forlornly.

Soup Kitchen
Charity volunteer, Marjorie Bigbuns from Woking, told the Druid’s Loom, “I have spent the year raising money and working directly with the homeless and children in poverty. This Christmas day I shall be working in a soup kitchen, ensuring that some of the most vulnerable in society get to have a Christmas dinner

Mrs Bigbuns was overlooked as Woking citizen of the year, in favour of a business-man who donated £50,000 to charity to avoid tax, and gave the councellers a £3000 back-hand each.

Oversized Anus
On top of that disappointment, this cunt Farage is now ‘Person of the Year’, after he fucked up the country. What’s the point in being a good citizen?” she added, holding back the tears.

Meanwhile, Mr Farage is planning to leave his ‘beloved’ country behind, as he takes up residence in Donald Trump’s grossly oversized anus.

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