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The Druid's Loom
The Druid’s Loom, yesterday.
Image Courtesy of Edal Lefterov under CCBY-SA3.0 License.

About Us


The Druid’s Loom is a British satirical/comedy news website, that lampoons day to day events in Britain and the rest of the world. It is really important to point out that the articles that we publish are not real. They are made up – even the names of non celebrity individuals are generated using a name generator because we can’t be bothered to think up our own names.

Please do not take any of these articles as factual – they are not!

All content remains copyright of The Druid’s Loom. Images are either our own, or reproduced and accredited under the various Creative Commons Licences. Please feel free to share links to our articles on what ever social media platform you like to use.

We do love to here from you, and if you are interested in submitting a letter for us to use , please visit our ‘Letters to the Druid’ page.
If you fancy submitting a full article, you can do so, by following the guidelines on our ‘submissions‘ page.

The content is not that bad, but there may be occasional adult themes and therefore we recommend that you should be at least 18 or over to view this site.