Actual President of a Country Tweeting about Bullshit

An actual President of a real country spent the day tweeting absolute drivel, regarding some sports players protesting, it emerged today.

Donald Trump with his big hands, yesterday
Donald Trump with a mouth that looks like an anus, yesterday.
Unmodified Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore

Despite huge hurricane clean up operations, trouble brewing in North Korea and Venezuela, an actual real President, Donald Trump, decided to tweet about utter shite.

President Laughing Stock

The  United States of America, a proper country; has been rendered the laughing stock to the rest of the world, by Mr Trumps inane, and rambling nonsense.

Taking a Dump

I couldn’t believe it, when I saw his twitter timeline this morning,” explained British political commentator Clive Huffypot. “Normally we Brits take our lead from the USA. But not any more. Mr Trump’s tweets have become just another comedy timeline one reads, when one is taking a dump.

Political Instability

The Western World is worried about political instability that we haven’t seen for over half a century, and this moron is banging on about NFL, NASCAR, NBL or whatever –  I don’t know, nor care what they are or mean,” Mr Huffypot added.

Staff at The Druid’s Loom sat down to try to make sense of Donald Trump’s tweets. They chuckled for a few minutes and then went to look at videos of cats.

Complete Mentalist

The worst thing about Trump is that it makes me think that Kim Jong-Un actually has a point. And that is tragic, because before Trump came to power I thought Kim Jong-Un was a complete mentalist,” Mr Huffypot continued.

Today, Kim Jong-Un accused Donald Trump of declaring war on their country, and to be honest – he probably has.” he concluded.


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