WHO Announce Jeremy Hunt as World Health Ambassador

After reversing their decision against Robert Mugabe as first choice, for health ambassador, the World Health Organisation today selected Jeremy Hunt.

Jeremy Hunt, Not Involved in Genocides, Yesterday
Jeremy Hunt, Not Involved in Genocides, yesterday
Image Courtesy of Ted Eytan, Under the CC BYSA 2.0 Licsence

After admitting that choosing Mugabe – a man who tore apart his country’s health care system – as health ambassador, was a bad idea;  the World Health Organisation has gone for its second choice instead.

Mugabe WTF?

The WHO, announced today that the World Health Ambassador will now be Jeremy Hunt.

Not a Great Choice

Spokesperson for the WHO, Ronald Badcake told The Druid’s Loom, “We fully accept that Robert Mugabe was not a great choice as an ambassador for health across the world.”

Possible Links to Genocide

“He was systematic in the destruction of the health care system of his own country, and he has a number of links to possible genocide attacks.”

“We are pleased to say that Jeremy Hunt has absolutely no links to genocide attacks.”

It is not yet known what the role of World Health Ambassador will entail, but it will probably involve persuading developing countries to sell off large chunks of their health care systems to the ambassador’s mates.


When questioned why the WHO didn’t decide to choose someone of a more philanthropic disposition,  Mr Badcake explained, “I’ve no idea, I think the people who drew up the short list are probably a bunch of utter morons.”

“Look on the bright side,” he added. “Jeremy may be a Hunt, but he is not as big a hunt as Robert Mugabe.”


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Rajesh Singh
October 30, 2017 10:25

Can the Druid do an article on 911 being an inside job? Thanks,