Apostrophe Apology

The Druid's Loom caused havoc yesterday by a mis-placed apostrophe in a headline for a popular article. Readers were quick to point out this error. The Druid's Loom is eternally sorry for this oversight.

Apostrophe Apology
Apostrophe Apology – We’re Sorry

Readers of The Druid’s Loom were left outraged yesterday when a rogue apostrophe was found lurking in a headline of a popular story. Ironically the article was about the education system and the many teachers were exceptionally quick to point out this heinous mistake.


Whilst the error was quickly corrected it remained in cached versions of the pages and in posts on social media.


In an official statement today the editor told us, “I really can’t apologise enough for the hurt and upset this incident has caused. As soon as we were made aware of the issue we tried to fix the problem, although it remains out there, in posts all over Facebook. If we had staff to sack, the public can be rest assured that they would have been dismissed immediately”


The reality of The Druid’s Loom office is very different however; as the editor went on to explain.

“Unfortunately many people believe we are a professional team of people running this publication from a plush office. In reality it is just me, sat at a computer in my pyjamas. I have self-flagellated all day to punish myself. If anyone wants to help, they can click on a few of our adverts, subscribe to our newsletter or perhaps contribute their own article’s.  Oh shit…. I’ve just don it again! Sorry…. Sorry… I’m so sorry”


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