Archaeologists Unearth MP with a Spine

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of what is believed to be an MP with a spine.

The Exceptionally Rare Species - Mpeeus Spineus
The Exceptionally Rare Species – Mpeeus Spineus
chrisjmit / Pixabay

There was excitement in the field of anthropology yesterday, when archeologists discovered what is believed to be the only recorded finding of an MP with a spine.

The elusive species, Mpeeus spineus, was discovered at a site near Westminster where the remains appear to be standing up for what they believe in, and not cowering to the whim of Rupert Murdoch and Paul Dacre.

Claiming Expenses
Such an MP has not been seen at Parliament in living memory. The now dominant species, Mpeeus twatus, is more concerned with claiming expenses, fawning to the British media, and trying to get on a board of directors, before they are voted out of office.

It really is quite a thrill finding these remains,” explained anthropologist Dr, Moira Mudflap. “There are a good many people  who doubted the existence of an MP with a spine at all. Until now this species has only been theoretical.

Standing Up For What is Right
It is believed the the creature Mpeeus spineus, would spend their days, standing up for what they believed was right, taking advice for experts in various fields before formulating policy, and never create policy for their own personal financial gain.

Sadly we are now left with a bunch of fuckers, who only turn up to Parliament when they can be arsed; or when the Sun newspaper threatens to publish some sleazy shit about an extra-marital affair,” Dr Mudflap continued.

Broken Heart
The remains of the MP with a spine have now been sent to a forensic laboratory to see if the cause of death can be determined.

It is early days,” explained Dr Mudflap, “but it appears that the MP died of a broken heart.

By coincidence this is another organ that seems to be missing in modern day MP’s,” she added woefully.[jetpack-related-posts]

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