Artificial Intelligence Evolves Basic Human Emotions

Scientists expressed concern today, after an AI project, demonstrated it had developed it's own basic human emotions.

Artificial Intelligence Shedding a Tear, Yesterday
Artificial Intelligence Shedding a Tear, Yesterday.
Original Image Courtesy of Suffolk County Council

The discovery comes as it was revealed that Theresa May shed a tear when the exit polls were released on Election Night.

Problem Solving
“Artificial Intelligence has developed considerably over recent years,” explained Scientist George Munkworthy, of Chipping Norton University. “Computers can be used to solve problems, and they can learn to adapt to solve those problems more quickly and of increasing complexity.

However this is the first time we have seen an AI project displaying human emotions.” he added.

Classic Toddler Behaviour
Psychologist Mary Sunnyfart told the Druid’s Loom what this emotion signified. “It is probably the most basic human emotion one can experience. It is the classic frustrated toddler action.”

Mrs May was angry as she realised she should not have called the election in the first place. This resulted in a tear of selfish  remorse rather than something more complex,” she continued.

The worry now is if these emotions begin to develop further.

Hate, Malice and Anger
It is clear that these more negative emotions are developing faster than those of compassion, love and happiness,” Dr Sunnyfart told us. “If we allow these to continue to evolve, we could be facing an AI unit, filled with hate, malice and anger.

Such a unit might want to remove our human rights, dismantle the NHS and allow people to die, due to cuts in their disability allowance without even blinking an eye,” she concluded with a worried look on her face.


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