At Least Britain First is Happy

Amidst the concern of our post EU future, at least we can be rest assured that groups of rampant racists are happy.


Many millions of  people were left reeling from the news that the country has voted to leave the EU today. However, they can ‘sleep easy’, knowing that Britain First, the EDL and other far-right organisations are feeling jubilant.

They always seem so angry,” Heather Smallisland told the Druid’s Loom. “Whilst I am devastated about Brexit and fearful for my children’s future, it gives me some pleasure to know that these vile racists are feeling warm and happy inside.

It’s great to see them gloating and cheering on the news,” she added.

Moment of Happiness
As Sterling falls beyond recognition and the FTSE plummets by 7% this morning, many ‘remain’ voters are finding solace in the fact that members of UKIP are also able to find a moment of happiness.

Gurning Fucking Face
My pension is now worthless since £122 billion was wiped off the stock exchange. However, it made me feel all good inside seeing Nigel Farage’s gurning fucking face celebrating on TV this morning,” explained Clive Hopegone “He must be really pleased as he will probably get a good job helping to run the country in a post Brexit government. He has loads of great ideas, such as bringing back the death penalty and charging us to use the NHS.

The Druid’s Loom asked Mr Farage when the NHS was going to get its £350 million a week, that was promised during the referendum campaign.

Hmmm, about that….” Farage told us, before having another fucking pint of beer.


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