BBC Urged to Read a Dictionary

The BBC have been urged to read a dictionary today, as they described the upcoming Christmas 'special' of Mrs Brown's Boys, as a 'treat'. 

Definitely NOT a Treat
Definitely NOT a Treat

Television viewers have come to the conclusion that the BBC is unaware of the meaning of the word ‘treat’, as it used the word to describe the ‘comedy’ Mrs Brown’s Boys, in the Christmas day schedule.

Lora Gigglemuff, a viewer from Milford Haven told the Druid’s Loom, “The word ‘treat’ is defined as ‘an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure’. Whilst Mrs Brown’s boys is certainly out of the ordinary, I wouldn’t describe it as giving me pleasure

Chaotic Pile of Shit
In fact, last month I was unfortunately enough to get kidney stones, and that gave me more pleasure than watching this chaotic pile of shit“, she added.

Mrs Brown’s Boys, follows the life of an unvonvincing transvestite, who says ‘feck’, a lot – which is obviously hilarious as it sounds like ‘fuck’, but isn’t. Each episode, has a ‘storyline’, that allows Mrs Brown, at some point to say ‘feck’ again and again and then show her pants to the camera.

False Advertising
To describe this ‘program’ as a treat is tantamount to false advertising,” explained Clive Poopbra, a language expert from a big University. “A treat for me, is perhaps going out for a nice meal with my wife, or taking the family on a day trip somewhere special, that we will remember for years to come.

It is not watching an old man in drag, trying to be funny in front of his family and mates. I’d rather feed my balls to the dog,” he added

Unfathomable Episode of Dr Who
Mrs Brown’s Boys, tops the BBC billing on Christmas day this year, following an unfathomable episode of Dr Who and an episode of Eastenders so depressing it makes you drink the rest of the Christmas booze.

Perhaps that’s why ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ appears funnier than it actually is?


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