Other Things Probably More Important than Big Ben Bonging

As narrow minded idiots obsess over the silencing the Bongs of Big Ben, normal people tell them to get a fucking grip.

Big Ben Bongs Bollocks
Big Ben Bongs Bollocks
KostkaCZ / Pixabay

Work on Elizabeth Tower will most likely silence Big Ben for about four years. This  a measure to prevent hearing loss to those carrying out the renovations.

Selfish Twats

Some selfish twats however have wound themselves up into a pant wetting frenzy. They claim “It’s just not right”, “It’s a disgrace”, “Wah wah wah,” without realising how pathetic they sound.

Couldn’t Make it Up

Journalist” Richard Littlejohn told the Druid’s Loom, “It’s Elf ‘n Safety gone mad, you couldn’t make it up, we are all going to hell in a hand cart, you couldn’t make it up, dopey bird, hand cart, you couldn’t make it up,  etc etc,“ which he kept repeating again and again.

Gig Economy

Normal person, James Furtwobble, said, “I graduated from University with a huge debt. I am now part of the ‘gig’ economy, where I take low paid work when I can find it. The insane cost of property means I will either live with my mum, or in a tent for the rest of my life. I will never retire, as I will never be in a job long enough to accrue a decent pension.

Personally I don’t give a shit about Big Fucking Ben,” he added.

Professor Burglebutt from a big University explained why the average person couldn’t care less about Big Ben.

Children Starving

The average person is struggling to pay their bills, or dealing with a deep emotional issue. There are people using food banks to stop their children starving.  Patients are languishing in short staffed hospitals, trying to get treatment for a terminal illness.

Anyone who things Big Ben’s fucking Bong is important is clearly a total arse.

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