Bigots and The Daily Mail Cast Aspersions on Top Gear Line-Up

Racists, Sexists and Xenophobes and The Daily Mail, were quick to point out that some of the new Top Gear presenters are black, female or foreign, yesterday.

The Daily Mail
Political Correctness  has Gone Bloody Mad!
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Groups of intolerant people, and the Daily Mail, were quick to notice that the new Top Gear presenters are not all white middle-aged opinionated men.

Many expressed their concern that the show would not be the same, with these new “presenters” and they would no longer be watching. The majority of the British public agreed with this, and expressed their gratitude to the BBC, for finally updating the tired predictable format.

Stopped by the Police

Foaming racist Bradley Hewitt, from Eastbourne angrily grunted , “There is a black guy presenting it. It’s political correctness what’s done it! Bring back Clarkson, he was funny,” before finally quipping, “I bet they can’t even get through a take without him getting stopped by the police.”
Sexist Freddie Falcone, was equally stereotypical in his comments. “I bet their insurance premium has gone through the roof now they have a woman driving”, he snorted.


A number of homophobes were, however,  left disappointed that they were unable to join in the foray as none of the presenters, as yet, appear to be openly gay. However, one sloping head Neanderthal, Barry Aucoin tweeted “I bet the Stig is a bender #bender #stig”, before liking a number of posts from @BritianFirst.

Keyboard Mashing

Meanwhile, many other bigots took to twitter and began mashing their keyboards in outrage, producing mindless gibberish which was subsequently lifted for an article in the Daily Mail.  Who, we must point out, in the interest of balance, were merely reflecting the viewpoint of some members of society.

A spokesman from the BBC defended the decision of the presenter line-up. “Top Gear is watched by a cross-section of society and the presenting team needs to reflect that. However the main reason we did this was to annoy the likes of Katie Hopkins and Richard Littlejohn from the Daily Mail. I’m sure their twisted take on the subject will be a feature of one of their “columns” in the near future!”

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Dave Atherton
February 11, 2016 13:25

I am sooo looking forward to Matt LeBlanc test driving the Citroen 2CV down to Waitrose and back to show us some new recipes for cooking lentils. I am sure there will be many metrosexul guys anticipating Sabine having a good bitch that manufacturers make no accommodation for handbags and an extra large reward mirror for fixing the makeup into work.

February 11, 2016 16:18

Do you actually believe what you write? Hopkins (who is definitely a nutter and media whore by all counts) was pointing out that the BBC had very obviously gone through a PC box-ticking exercise to pacify people like you, you Loon. You may have a large amount of sexist/racist people in the circles you mix in, but generally the UK does not. Take a pill.

February 12, 2016 09:25

I think that guy was a bit of an idiot … if he thought you were serious… jesus