Brexit is Awesome – Say Far Right Groups

Racists up and down the country and been celebrating the 'LEAVE' win, as their small, narrow minds believe they have been freed from political correctness.

Some Racist Shit Bags - Yesterday
Some Racist Shit Bags – Yesterday
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Racist nut jobs across the country have been celebrating their perceived new found supremacy against other races. As they struggle to understand that racism is still a hate crime, they have exercised the freedoms they believe Brexit will bring – by being complete fuckers.

Dog Turds
It’s awesome,” explained Tom Runtmuffin, an EDL member from Kent. “Before Brexit if I called brown person a ‘paki’, the police came and stuff. Now I can spit on their children and post dog turds through their letter boxes to my hearts content.

Moronic scumbags have been thinking of ever more ingenious ways of spreading their message of hate.

Twitter Account
This time last week, all I could do was troll foreigners via my anonymous twitter account,” Baz Spaz, a skin-headed freak from Barnsley told us. “Today I printed out 100 leaflets on my computer saying ‘Vermine Go Home”, and posted them through all the doors of the Polish people who live in my town. I know I spelt ‘vermin’ wrong – but I think I got the message across!

I’m thinking of setting up a website too,” he added.

Spurred on by the plethora of racist scaremongering that has been prevalent in the right wing media for months, many fascists are taking a more violent approach.

“I am going to kick the shit out of all the fuckin’ refugees,” Kurtis Diarrhoea  explained enthusiastically, yet failing grasp the stupidity of his comment. “It’s what Rupert Murdoch and Paul Dacre have been asking me to do for months.

Meanwhile, many normal people have been sat at home, holding their heads in their hands, in complete and utter despair of humanity.


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June 28, 2016 04:44

Brexit sucks! …says ill-informed statist Marxist douchebags! I know, let’s label anyone who wants independence from tyranny and centralized authority as racist, a term coined by Zionist cunt Theodor Herzl, to demoralize opponents, so that Palestine could be taken from it’s indigenous inhabitants. None of that matters, because the EU, as incompetent and pointless as it was, is there to provide a maze of bureaucracy and forced integration, so that all the peoples of western Europe might lose their identity, culture and sovereignty. That’s ok, because being a politically correct automaton is far more fashionable, and I can go around… Read more »

a REAL druid
July 15, 2016 11:23
Reply to  Andrew

Well said!

a normal person (whatever that means)
July 15, 2016 11:45
Reply to  Andrew

Great funny stories, about skinheads putting “go home leaflets” through letter boxes you made up. Have you ever thought of asking to be a script-writer for Eastenders?

Calm the fuck down
April 2, 2017 21:41
Reply to  Andrew

You get too exited too quicky

April 2, 2017 21:35

Q: How many EDL/ Britain First members have gone to fight ISIS?

Jack Back
April 2, 2017 21:39

All these racists are cowards. They all vote Ukip and believe the sh*t that Ukip is ‘people’s party’. Nigel Farage (EX TORY). Stuart Wheeler (EX TORY). David Silvester (EX TORY). Mark Reckless (EX TORY). Douglas Carswell (EX TORY). Amjad Bashir (WAS EX TORY NOW DEFECTED BACK TO TORIES). Paul Richard Oakden (EX TORY). Bill Etheridge (EX TORY). Roger Helmer (EX TORY). Janice Atkinson (EX TORY). Neil Hamilton (EX TORY). William Legge ( EX TORY). Mike Taylor (EX TORY). Jean Taylor (EX TORY). Michael McCabe (EX TORY). Peter Rodberg (EX TORY), David Campbell.Bannerman (EX TORY). David Meacock (EX TORY). Michael Skeels… Read more »