Brexit – Not as Bad as World War II – says Dickhead.

Premium dickhead, David Davis, today attempted to reassure the British people by inferring that Brexit probably wouldn't be as bad as World War II

A Colossal Dickhead, Yesterday.
A Colossal Dickhead, Yesterday.
Image courtesy of Pruneau, licensed under the CCBY2.0 Generic license.

In an interview on Good Morning Britain, top rated dickwad, David Davis, tried to reassure the British public over Brexit, by suggesting it wouldn’t be as bad as World War 2.

May people ‘breathed a sigh of relief’ when they realised that  leaving the EU would be easier than World War 2 – one of the the most catastrophic events of the twentieth century, where up to 80 million people died.

When I voted to leave the EU I must admit I was shitting myself a bit,” explained Dana Fruitpie, an idiot, from Marblethorpe. “However, after Mr Davis’ interview this morning I am feeling more relaxed about the whole thing. I mean World War 2 was really bad for loads of people, with loads getting killed or having their houses blown up. There was even rationing and stuff; plus economic ruin for about 2 decades after.

Apparently they didn’t even have any bananas,‘ she added. ‘At least we have bananas.

As bananas don’t come from the EU, we can be rest assured that we will probably still be able to get them. By forging new trade deals, with places like America, Britain will be able to source exotic fruits such as Trump Bananas, Trump Pineapples and Trump Kumquats.

However, not everyone was impressed by Mr Davis’ attempt to use use  emotive World War 2 related rhetoric to bolster support for Brexit.

Disgusting Piece of Shit
Sam Dumpwhelk, a Historian from a University told the Druid’s Loom, “To compare Brexit to one of the most catastrophic events in living memory, shows Mr Davis up as the disgusting piece of shit that he actually is. I mean, for fuck’s sake, I thought the leave campaign wanted Brexit to be a thing of  hope. Now they are saying it is something that has to be endured.

Eleven million people were killed in death camps during World War 2. Of course Brexit isn’t as bad as that. What a total fucking twat!” he added.

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