Bully Suspended for Mocking Fellow Student’s Clothes

School bully, Rupert Weatherby, was surprised that his Mum was called into the school, and he was given a 3 day suspension, for relentlessly mocking a fellow student about their appearance.

Bully Surprised at Punishment
Bully Surprised at Punishment
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The incident occurred at Brotherby Gate Secondary Academy, this morning. The victim,  was attempting to answer a question in Geography, when Rupert blurted out “Get a wash you scruffy bastard”.

The class teacher remonstrated with Rupert, who initially stopped. However he resumed his verbal attack at break time.

Stinky Fart Pants

“All I did was call him stinky fart pants and then mock him for having a really crumpled blazer and dirty shirt. He looks poor and that, and he does smell. The silly little twat then went and told a teacher!” Rupert explained.

Rupert was escorted to the Head of Year’s office where he was told that persistent bullying, is unacceptable in the school and he would receive 3 days suspension as a punishment. His mum was then called to collect him.

Well Harsh

“I was really surprised, I think it is well harsh,” an emotional Rupert told us. “David Cameron implied that Jeremy Corbyn was scruffy and everyone laughed at Prime Minister’s Question Time yesterday! I don’t see him being suspended from Parliament for 3 days and his mum being called in. It’s not fair!”

Pig’s Head

Head Teacher, Bernard Hummenby, tried to set the record straight, “There is a zero tolerance of bullying at Brotherby Gate. I guess in Parliament they need to re-look at their anti-bullying policy, as it really does set a bad example when things like this occur. Young minds are very impressionable. Only last week I had to exclude a child for fucking a pig’s head”.

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Randy Butcher, Leamington Spa
February 25, 2016 18:45

This is typical though, of one rule for them and another rule for everyone else! If I was caught having sex with a dead pig’s head I would probably have to go on the sex offenders register. That’s why I always wait until closing time and make sure I lock the doors and pull down the blinds of my Butcher’s Shop.