“C” Word, Now Really Popular Amongst Medical Professionals.

The usage of the "C" word has increased among medical professionals over the past few months; and it's all thanks to Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

If I pretend they are not there it's all right
A Great Big Hunt, Yesterday
Image Courtesy of Howard Lake Under the CC BY2.0 License

It’s a word that’s deemed crude enough to have its own editorial guidelines set out by the BBC. It is certainly not one you wouldn’t expect to be uttered by a highly trained junior doctor.

However, over the last few months, however – thanks to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt – the “C” word, is now in general use throughout many of the UK’s hospitals.

I used to cringe every time I heard the “C” word, ” explained Dr Sarah Brownfinger, a proctologist from Kent. “Now I find myself muttering it under my breath all the time – particularly when I see Jeremy Hunt’s fucking face gurning on the TV.

Mr Hunt, a failed marmalade exporter ref,  was put in charge upsetting people who save the lives of other people in 2012. Due to the huge success he has had in pissing off the doctors, he got to keep his Job, in Mrs May’s new cabinet.

It is no coincidence that Junior Doctors are finding the “C” word more palatable, when referring to Jeremy Hunt; as language expert Brian Dullmuffin explained to The Druid’s Loom.

Rhyming Couplet
The phrase ‘Jeremy Hunt, what a c**t’, is actually quite poetic,” he told us. “It scans well and rolls of the tongue easily, in almost an endearing fashion. Add to this the simple rhythm and rhyming couplet and no wonder it’s so popular. This wouldn’t have worked if he was called Jeremy Smith.

However, if he had been called Jeremy Tucker I can think of a good alternative,” he added.

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