CCTV – Outrage as Woman Puts Wheelie Bin Inside Cat

Animal rights groups reacted with fury after home CCTV footage appeared to show a woman putting a wheelie bin inside a cat.

Wheelie Bins - Don't Put them in Cats
Wheelie Bins – Don’t Put them in Cats
Hans / Pixabay – CC0

In the extraordinary clip posted on YouTube, a woman is seen stroking a wheelie bin. Thinking she is alone, she then shoves the bin inside a passing cat. According to the RSPCA the bin was in the cat for several hours.

Fur Ball

The dustbin’s shocked owner told Druids Loom – ‘I thought the cat was coughing up a fur ball. Imagine my surprise when it puked up my poor dustbin.’


A nationwide hunt has begun to find the sadistic bin-hater. Pitchforks, ropes, and burning torches have been distributed by well-wishers as the community pulls together. Flowers are massing on the steps where the cat puked, and news reporters in helicopters are broadcasting live via satellite links, asking – ‘How is the community coming to terms with this tragedy?’


According to the RSPCA such incidents are not uncommon. Last year saw a 10% increase in incidents involving cats that swallowed enormous objects. The RSPCA advises anyone who thinks their neighbour is a secret cat-stuffer to call their confidential ‘Cat-Stuffer Stopper Snooper Helpline’.

Have you been affected by any of the issues in this article? Are you a compulsive cat stuffer? Are you on benefits? You are? Great! Please ring Channel 5 immediately.


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