Celebrities Who Forget they are Millionaires Beg for Money

Celebrities have been criticised for begging and pleading with viewers,many of whom are on the minimum wage, to donate to charity, whilst forgetting they themselves are millionaires.

Celebrities Seem to Forget they are Millionaires
Celebrities Seem to Forget they are Millionaires
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Last night the BBC aired a one off charity special that was the latest output from their guilt trip department. James Corden, or someone similar, hosted proceedings.

But only after appearing on the event and begging the British public to hand over their hard-earned cash to the needy did James Corden realise he was a millionaire. The £1Million raised seemed impressive, but it now looks pathetic when held up against Corden’s weekly earnings.

“I forgot” he is reported to have said. “Had I remembered I was able to donate on behalf of everyone, I would have.” But donations were strictly only accepted up until midnight. “I’ve missed the deadline,” Corden said between bites of a gold dust covered donut.

 Guilt Trip

Donna from Burnham-On-Sea was originally only going to donate £1, but after being exposed to the 8 hour long, incredibly flashy, near torturous guilt trip she donated £20. “It’s fine,” she said to us. “I’ll just have to skip a meal or two. But I’ll be fine.”

Dr Who

A popular actor who has probably played Doctor Who at one point joined in on the action with a special VT from one of the more impoverished areas.

He spoke to the public from a poor village that had only one water fountain, but desperately needed two. After tricking the public into thinking they were getting light hearted entertainment –  to distract them from the agony of working class life – the actor, called Dave Smith or something sprung the VT out of nowhere, nestling it between two sketches that were very nearly funny.

A Tardis
A Tardis – To attract your attention
sonywiz / Pixabay – CC0

In the VT he said, “Here at wherever I am, children have to walk hundreds of miles just to get a drop of water.  A donation from you, on your £7 an hour salary and zero hour contract, could really make a difference and help us build a vital second water fountain.”

Dave Smith, like James Corden, had foolishly forgotten the extend of his own wealth, only realising he could have built several fountains with the money he gets paid for a photo shoot, when it was too late. Clocking his mistake, Dave Smith endeavoured to make a difference.

Gold Jet Ski

“I realise now, that I could have made quite a big difference.”  he told some reporter somewhere. “Sadly I can’t donate any money myself because I’m still paying off my gold jet ski.” At first sounding like bad news, Dave Smith (or was it Tom Capaldi?) went on to add “But I’ve decided to contribute in a far more substantial way. Using my FAME instead of my MONEY.” Dave Capaldi (it might have been Christopher Baker…) decided to autograph something from the VT so he could sell it and donate all money raised to building a second water fountain.

The good news is, the item he chose to sign and sell went for enough money on eBay to purchase a second water fountain for the impoverished village. The bad news is, the item he chose to sign and sell was their first water fountain – bringing the village back to just the one. 

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Druids Loom Reporter
February 21, 2016 12:55

I am a celebrity and a millionaire. I really don’t agree with this article. What we give society is better than money. You can’t put a price on entertainment. Now we can’t offer our services for free, who would we eat, or build our new mansions.

It is not OUR job to give money to good causes, but we should use our FAME to encourage others.