Cilla Fans Stampede to View New Gravestone

Excited fans of Cilla Black caused a stampede in their rush to watch the unveiling of a new headstone at her grave this week.

A Graveyard, Yesterday.
A Graveyard, Yesterday.
tpsdave / Pixabay

Hundreds ran through the cemetery to pay their respects and take pictures of the memorial built as a final resting place for the singer and T. V. star.

One fan told the Druids Loom – “The stampede was so bad that people were actually stampeding. Many were trampled on to the point of being underneath other fans. Thankfully we located the grave – which was a relief because we wouldn’t have known where it was otherwise.

Another fan commented – “I’d heard the rumour that there was going to be a large black marble headstone with gold recessed lettering unveiled there, with two tiny white roses placed each side of it. So I was so pleased to see there was a large black marble headstone with gold recessed lettering unveiled there, with two tiny white roses placed each side of it.

Yet another fan told the Druids Loom – “It was so refreshing to see a headstone actually shaped like a headstone. Most headstones aren’t shaped like  headstones these days – apart from Cilla’s which was shaped like a headstone should be shaped – headstone shape basically. If her headstone had nothing else it had a shape.

You wouldn’t believe it it, but another fan commented – “I was overwhelmed by the quality of the masonry craftsmanship – they really pushed the boat out with this one. No polystyrene and plastic botch job – marble and concrete. How they managed to stuff it all into the mud and keep it upright is beyond me – even a strong wind couldn’t wobble it. It was decorated on the outsides with beautiful green coloured grass.”

The inscription wording was imaginative and sensitive – CILLA BLACK RIP. Very appropriate – no silly epitaph like WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT CAULIFLOWER EARS?, and none of the words were accidentally carved upside down. Fans waited for the grave lid to open and for Cilla to leap out and yell ‘surprise surprise!’ but she didn’t. 

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