Clap for NHS

A Man - With Syphilis - Yesterday
A Man – With an STD – Yesterday

Dear Druid,

I was disgusted to learn today that there is an online campaign, running on Facebook and Twitter to give our NHS heros The Clap.

Haven’t they got enough to contend with, with the current Coronavirus crisis, without being infected by painful, superating, venereal disease.

These so called “do gooders” should be bloody ashamed of themselves.


Disgusted, from Portsmouth.


A Message from The Druid

Dear Valued Druid’s Loom Reader/Subscriber,

In this time of crisis many potential readers have now mowed the lawn, washed the car and are not sat at home on their arses. They have run rampant around the local supermarkets and totally cleaned them out. They are already bored of Netflix, the internet and masturbating. They need something else to get them through the day.

This is where you come in. I thought it would be a lovely idea if we could lift the spirits of the nation with a Countrywide Covid Comedy Contribution.

I am looking for writers and cartoonists to help to submit hilarious articles and cartoons for the website during this difficult time. Also if you know of anyone else who has skills in this area – get them involved too.

It’s great fun, you get to publically take the piss out of politicians and vent your rage at anything you disagree with.

Any profits made, will go to donating bog roll to old folk.

You can email me the drivel you produce directly at or use the following links below.

Article Submissions can be sent here:

Cartoon Submissions Can be sent here:

Spoof Adverts Can Be sent Here:

Letters to the Druid can be sent here:

Druid’s Loom Problem Page here:

With Your help we can Make Britain Laugh Again

Thank You

The Druid


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