Computer Science Students Actually Do Some Work

There was shock yesterday, when some students in a computer science lesson, actually did some work instead of reading high quality satire websites online.

Some Similar looking Computer Science Students Yesterday.
Some Similar looking Computer Science Students Yesterday.
Tomasz_Mikolajczyk / Pixabay

For the past few weeks, Computer Science students have spent their lessons casually surfing the net for quality satire websites to read.


This relentless pursuit only stops briefly when a teacher passes and they flick quickly to a pre-downloaded python script; that makes a small ball bounce around the Graphical User Interface.


However, yesterday, these students actually did some work.

They took some notes down from the board about different processor architectures and examined in detail the Fetch, Decode and Execute cycle.


It was amazing,” claimed Chesney Bulkbutter, a jubilant student. “I came out out the lesson knowing stuff that I didn’t know before I went in.

I guess that is what learning is he added.


When Chesney was asked if he would be doing some work in the following lesson, he replied.

Nah, I’ll probably do a bit of Minecraft or something – or go on Woozworld to trade costumes or faces. I also need to get a bit further on my Street Cleaner Simulator game.”

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