Corbyn Ignores Royal Birth to Appease a Dragon

Jeremy Corbyn has sparked outrage across social media by taking 185 minutes to tweet a brief statement congratulating the Duke and Duchess of Windsor on the birth of their son. The reason for his unforgivable oversight is astonishing, yet predictable.

The right side of history, The wrong side of St George. Corbyn
The right side of history, The wrong side of St George. Image Courtesy of Youtube under the CC BY 3.0 License.

While politicians, celebrities and assorted lickspittles were sending messages of felicitation to a couple that they don’t know, will never meet, yet will fund for the rest of their lives, the leader of her majesty’s loyal opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, was busy penning a statement in defence of a dragon from the expansionist intentions of Saint George.

Corbyn Predictable

The Royal historian, Peregrine Thorpe-St John, perfectly captured the public mood during an interview with the BBC:

As the nation forgets its troubles and unites in unadulterated joy at the news of a royal birth, Corbyn is predictably siding with those that wish to do Britain harm. Only Corbyn’s Labour could put our national security at risk by appeasing a dragon,” he explained.

Pinko Fool

I’d wager that if on this day in 1950, Warsaw Pact tanks had overrun central Europe, Corbyn would have found time to tweet in memoriam of Comrade Hoxha. Yet, he ignores our royal family. Damned pinko fool,” he added.

Battle of Agincourt

It isn’t the first time that Corbyn has demonstrated his unsuitability to run for the highest office in the land by ignoring important dates and anniversaries.

Just one month after seizing power in a coup of the voting membership, Corbyn completely cold-shouldered the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt. Veterans of the 100-year war with France picketed Corbyn’s constituency office, demanding an apology for his snubbing of those brave British boys that had died under the iron hoof of the French cavalry.

Corbyn’s Islington Soviet issued a brief statement earlier today, that simply read, – “Jeremy celebrates the birth of all children.”

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