Coronavirus ‘Not Hard’ According to Scaffolder

Scaffolder Lee Terry has dismissed the fashionable illness of Coronavirus as ‘a boring keyboard warrior and not as hard as it thinks it is’.

Coronavirus Builder
Lee Terry – Hard as Fuck – Yesterday

Not a Proper Illness

Terry went on to say that ‘I couldn’t care less what this disease thinks it is. In my book, a proper illness is something that stops me going to the pub on a Friday night after a week of throwing poles around and flexing my muscles in the direction of anybody who vaguely glances in my direction’.

Football Hooligan

Lee describes himself as a diehard football hooligan and has challenged Coronavirus to ‘a meet, to sort this out for once and for all’.

Having  a Pop

When a reporter mentioned that Terry was actually arguing with an illness rather than a person, the response was ‘Yeah. You having a pop are you? I’ll sort you out quicker than a sneeze in the face from a commuter wearing an ill-fitting mask’.

Wandering Off

Terry then wandered off asking passers-by if they ‘wanted some’? Before having to clarify that he wasn’t talking about antibacterial hand wipes or toilet rolls.



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