Daily Mail Becomes UKIP Propaganda Leaflet

The Daily Mail today became just one big fucking propaganda leaflet for UKIP and Far Right Organisations - targeting middle England with their unique brand of prejudice, hate and fear.

It's Good to Hate
It’s Good to Hate
Image Courtesy of Wikidea Under the CC BY-SA3.0 License

Despite recent events, where inflamed hatred cost the life of a dedicated MP, the Daily Mail has continued its assault on democracy and common decency.
Today it morphed into a fully fledged propaganda mouthpiece for the UKIP and right-wing extremists.

I couldn’t believe my eyes“, explained an outraged Bertie Smallmind. “Page after page of the Daily Mail told me that if I don’t vote ‘leave’ tomorrow I will be killed by Muslims, who will rape my cat, and turn my wife into a Burka or something.

Ignorant people up and down the country were fuming over their mid-morning cup of English tea as they read what the future under the EU had in store for them.

Brown Men
It is terrible,” exclaimed Charles Moronbatch, with a level of disproportionate fury. “There were pictures of brown men trying to get on lorries and stuff. Twenty billion will be here by next week if we stay in the EU.

Apparently all Muslims are cannibalistic paedophiles, who will eat our children after touching them up. How can the EU do this? Bloody liberals do-gooders, that’s what I say,” he rambled.

Some more extreme individuals took the messages of hate printed in the Daily Mail, as permission to go on a violent rampage.

There is gonna be immigrants coming over here and I have to stop ’em,” Jayden Cuntbucket explained. “There is this woman who spent last summer, helping refugee children wiv’ AIDS or sommit. I’m going round her house to kick her fuckin’ head in.” he added.

Third Reich
Spokesman for the Daily Mail, Adolf Bastardface told the Druid’s Loom, “If you think todays paper was bad, you should see what we have got planned for tomorrow – The propaganda in that puts the Third Reich to shame!


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