Donald Trump Successfully Mates with Katie Hopkins

In circumstances too horrifying to contemplate it has been announced that Katie Hopkins and Donald Trump have successfully shared bodily fluids and combined DNA.

Artists Impression of the Genetic Abomination
Artists Impression of the Genetic Abomination
Image Courtesy of James Joel Under the CC BY-ND2.0 license

The horrendous union took place yesterday after the couple were bonded in hate, whilst spouting venomous bile in wake of the attacks on Brussels.

Mediocre Appendage
During the sweaty altercation there was a generous amount of grunting and harrowing moaning. Mr Trump used his mediocre appendage to implant his seed into the cavernous receptacle of Miss Hopkins.

[Oh God, this is the stuff of nightmares. I’m sorry – I’m not sure I can go on, I feel sick! *Deep Breaths* – Okay, let’s continue. – Druid’s Loom Reporter]

The genetic implications of this unison are quite literally unspeakable. Multiply the bigoted views with the quest for power and world dominance and we will have on our hands a nauseating organism capable of untold destruction and suffering.

Experts believe that the resulting progeny will be called something ridiculous, such as Madagascar Trump (which sounds like a condition you have, where you follow-through when you fart) and will resemble the blob-fish.

End of Days
During the birth – when the abomination is expelled from Miss Hopkins’ vagina – it is thought that the world will fall dark, the seas will boil and misery will reign supreme; until the end of days…


What should Donald and Katie name their ‘baby’? Suggestions in the comments below please.


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Brendan, london
March 24, 2016 13:07

You are too meen on Katie Hopkins. She just says it how it is. She wood make a good prime minister or queen .

Shame on you for being to horrible to her when she has had an operation

March 25, 2016 11:06

Was the operation a lobotomy. If not it wasn’t worth it. She doesn’t just say it as it is – she’s a revolting piece of scum, whose ideas are somewhere to the right of Hitler.