Donald Trump Surprised that Racists Think He’s Alright.

White House hopeful, Donald Trump, reacted with surprise yesterday when he discovered that his campaign is being backed by ex-KKK leader David Duke.

KKK, Endorsing Trump, yesterday
The KKK, Endorsing Trump, yesterday.
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In an interview, yesterday we asked Mr Trump if he knew about the backing. He told the The Druid’s Loom, “No I sure didn’t. But he isn’t a bad guy is he, because he isn’t a Muslim? I’m gonna put all the bad guys in Gitmo!”

Nice Racists

When asked if he would disavow David Duke, he acted all confused and said, “I don’t know nothing about white supremacists or racists and stuff. Did he endorse me? What’s goin’ on? How can I disavow a group of racists that I know nothing about? They might be nice racists, and that would be unfair.”

Illegal Immigrants

“To be honest,” he continued, “I am surprised that racists groups would endorse me, because I am definitely not racist. Some of my best employees are illegal immigrants.”

Build a Wall

Donald Trump, then went on to slag of Mexicans again, threaten to build a wall to prevent them from entering America and finally he went on to have a pop at all Muslims – in a totally non-racist way of course.

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