Dr Who Fails to find Story in Christmas Special Episode

Despite flitting around the universe and visiting a range of different planets, Dr Who failed miserably to find a story line, in this year's Christmas special.

Dr Who - Looking for a Story Yesterday
Dr Who – Looking for a Story Yesterday. Image Courtesy of Aussiegall under the CCBY2.0 License.

Despite being to travel anywhere in space and time, Dr Who totally failed to find any tangible story this Christmas.

Dr Who Story Woes

The BBC’s flagship Christmas day television program started at the North Pole, where two Dr Who’s were seen not feeling the cold. Suddenly time froze, and fans thought there might be a good opportunity to have a story based on a tear in the SpaceTime continuum. Alas, suddenly a bloke from the First World War turned up, who was equally unaffected by temperature.

Kidnapped by Aliens 

The first Dr Who and the other Dr Who, and the man, were then kidnapped by another alien, in the most clichéd way possible by being sucked into the arse of another spaceship. In side were glass aliens made using CGI from the 1990’s. Here Dr Who’s dead companion then turned up who was also made of glass. No story was found here so they all decided to escape.

Different Tardis

Once they escaped, really easily, they all went into the other Dr Who’s Tardis, with the glass companion. They went to a planet containing Daleks, because that’s Steven Moffats go to story line – Daleks – but alas – even that didn’t work and they only found a friendly Dalek who crashed after a bit, with not a hint of story to be found.


Quickly, they transported to the battlefields of World War 1, Christmas 1914, to see if they could squeeze a bit of emotion and story out of the Christmas day truce. This worked for a bit, but the two doctors kept faffing about their regeneration shite. Another glass old companion turned up and then all the old companions vanished and we were left with one doctor.


The doctor regenerated into a woman in the last 5 seconds of the program, who promptly fell out of the Tardis.

Now we will have to wait to fucking Easter to see how that pans out.


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