Drink Drive Limit Could be Cut to Just One Pint

Morons, who don't like being in control of their 2 ton vehicles, have reacted with anger over government proposals to cut the drink-drive limit to just one pint.

Some Beer
Some Beer, Yesterday
StockSnap / Pixabay – CC0

After the success of a scheme in Scotland, to reduce the drink-drive limit to the equivalent of just one pint of beer, the government is considering a similar approach here.
Most normal people have looked at the catastrophic drunk-driver accident statistics and given this policy the nod, as it will undoubtedly reduce serious injuries and road deaths.

Human Rights

Morons however, have looked upon this is a gross invasion of their human rights and have begun ranting all over social network sites on the subject. The irony is, most of these people were just complaining about human rights earlier today and wanted them abolished when it used within the context of immigration.

Beer Tax

Imbecile Curtis Crabb explained his feelings to the Druid’s Loom.”Look, if I wanna drive and have a beer, I wanna be able to ennit. I pay my taxes and need to relax after a hard day. I pays my road tax, beer tax, council tax and my wage tax, so I think I have the right to have a couple of drinks after work and drive home. I know my limit and I know I am safe ennit.”

When we explained to  Curtis that the statistics show that even after two drinks, normal driving is significantly impaired he grew agitated.  He glared at us in a confused way, accused us of saying he was a pussy driver and asked us what we were looking at followed by a flurry of expletives. Finally he punched our photographer in the face before stumbling into a bush.


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Mrs Sandy - Esses
February 10, 2016 18:57

I’ve only drunk and drove once and I was fine. I don’t know what all the fuss is about.