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Twitching Sphincter is a terrible medical condition that affects one in ten politicians worldwide. The main symptom is having a small mouth that resembles a twitching sphincter.

Twitching Sphincter
Twitching Sphincter – Spare a Thought
Image Courtesy of Mark Sadowski Under the CC BY-SA2.0 License

Druids Loom is determined to help raise awareness of this distressing condition because, until we find a cure, politicians will continue to talk through their arses. So please, spare a thought for people like Kim Jong Un and Hillary Clinton and give generously.


Breaking news… As part of our Twitching Sphincter campaign we have teamed up with Channel 5 to make a medical documentary. ‘Extraordinary People: Help! My Mouth Looks Like a Butt!’ will be broadcast in the spring and is presented by Doctor Jessen.

Hairy Butt

While eating your tea you can watch Boris Johnson drop his pants and display his big hairy butt to a grateful nation.

Twitching Sphincter – Together we can shut them up

Below – An Array of Twitching Sphincters

Sphincter - Loom - 004






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