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Druid’s Toon Submissions

We are on the look out for good quality funny or satirical cartoons. The single image type, not your cartoon strip sort. They should focus on the topical news, or observational humour. If you are a budding artist and want to get your image “out there” on a site that gets 1000’s of views per day, then we would love to hear from you.

We can’t promise to publish it, but may do if it’s any good! We don’t pay for single submissions, but if they are really high quality (and funny), we may ask you to become a regular artist, and even pay you if we ever actually make any money!

Before you submit – Please follow these guidelines:

  • It needs to be funny.
  • If the article is about a celebrity, avoid being libellous.
  • Please only send in your own work
  • Check your spellings and grammar please before sending.

Submit your articles to submissions@druidsloom.co.uk, or complete the submission form at the below.


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