Ethical Arms Trade – Think of the Children

For too long children have had to go into battle using weapons that are inappropriate for their strength and stature. We need to look at ways to make the use of these weapons more accessible for the under 12's

Child Friendly Killing Machines
Child Friendly Killing Machines
jarmoluk / Pixabay – CC0

In war zones across the world, child soldiers are forced to carry heavy weapons that are designed for adults – causing them chronic back pain, headaches and serious joint problems. Thanks to lobbying by The Druid’s Loom, the British arms industry will soon be required to offer a choice of child-friendly weapons.


The government has agreed to tackle the problem on two fronts. Firstly, manufacturers will be compelled to provide a range of fun-to-use dinky weapons that are reduced in size and weight. Secondly, a raft of seductive tax concessions will encourage the arms trade to adopt our ethical ‘smiley face’ logo.

Julian Shyster, CEO of Ballistic and Shyster, told The Druid’s Loom:

I am absolutely delighted with The Loom’s ethical approach to child soldiering. Using children to fight in wars is truly ghastly. But here at Ballistic and Shyster we believe in choice. We dream of a day when no child will be forced to fight in a war against their will. Until that day comes, B.S. is determined to provide them with cute weapons in a range of fun colours; weapons that are free from high velocity recoil and hard-to-reach triggers. Thank you Druid’s Loom for making the government see sense and for putting children first!

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