EU Referendum Means Four Months of Farage

The British public, on both sides of the "Brexit" argument, had hoped they had seen the last of Nigel Farage - following UKIP's poor display in the general election. They have today reacted with dismay, as they realised it is likely they now face at least four more months of his stupid face in the public eye.

Four Months of Farage
Four Months of Farage
Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore Under the CC BA-SA2.0 License

Whatever one’s feelings were after the General Election 2015, many Britons breathed a sigh of relief as it seemed that Nigel Farage’s smug and self-centered face had retired from the public stage.

Smoking a Fag

During the election campaign the British public were bombarded with images of Mr Farage for months. If he wasn’t  drinking a pint, whilst smoking a fag, in a pub, he was ranting on about something that was borderline racist.

When the election ended, and his party performed abysmally, it seemed like his gurning features had slunk back from the hole that they had emerged from.

Squishy Faced Nutjob

Suddenly, we have a referendum on the EU. For some reason the media have decided to drag up this political failure and press him for comment; as if is opinion is worth anything? This squishy faced nutjob has, for the past 48 hours, been appearing on the sofas of every television studio up and down the country.

Mouth of Sauron

Cory Marksworth from Exeter told The Druids Loom, “He talks far to loudly about things he doesn’t really understand. It’s funny for a bit, because he looks odd, but after a while you realise that his mouth is far too big for his face, like “The Mouth of Sauron” in “The Return of the King.”

It seemed there were few people who wanted to see the “Return of Farage.” The Druid’s Loom asked a number of people what they thought about his reemergence and most of the comments are unprintable here.

Karen Hawk, explained to us that she was now fed up of seeing his photo. “After the last general election, I thought that was it; the novelty is over. I was sick of the sight of him. In fact the only good picture of Nigel Farage, was the one where he was all messed up after crashing that aeroplane. That was hilarious.”


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Christine - Broken Briton
February 22, 2016 00:08

I think we should all leave the EU because Brian is Broken. There are all these foreign people coming from Calais, where they live in tents and they look really messy. And I don’t like the French.

Steve - Bradford
February 22, 2016 00:10

Christine – What is wrong with you? Are you an idiot or something?

Anthony - West London
February 22, 2016 13:29

People living in tents and looking really messy….surely that was just Greenham Common?