Ewan McGregor Didn’t Want to Sit Next to Pile of Horse Shit

Ewan McGregor turned down a TV appearance on Good Morning Britain, because he didn't fancy spending his morning sat next to a steaming pile of horse shit, it was revealed yesterday.

'Journalist', Piers Morgan, Yesterday
‘Journalist’, Piers Morgan, Yesterday
Photo Courtesy of HorseShit4Sale

UNICEF ambassador Ewan McGregor refused to spend half an hour on a sofa with steaming pile of horse shit, Piers Morgan yesterday after the unpleasant comments he made about female protestors on the Woman’s March.

Total Baby
Piers Morgan, showing what a total baby he is; hasn’t stopped going on about it ever since.

Mr Morgan, who once said, “I’ve always loved Jimmy Saville,” wrote an utterly despicable article in the Daily Mail after the event. In the headline he accused Mr McGregor of being a pedophile lover – acting like a pathetic school bully.

Petulant Child
Unprofessional is not the word,” explained Media Analyst, Finn Blogaby. “Piers Morgan wrote a 1300 word article and sent 82 tweets, moaning about the incident like a petulant child. It was like he was trying to goad Ewan McGregor into some sort of twitter spat.

Festering Turd
Fortunately Ewan’s dignified silence on the matter, shows him to be mature, professional and million times the man, than that festering turd Morgan,” Finn continued.

Ewan McGregor, who was described as ‘just an actor‘, by Piers Morgan has supported UNICEF, for 12 years and continues to advocate for vulnerable children around the world.

Piers on the other hand spends his time, hacking the phones of murdered children, licking Donald Trump’s arse and generally being a total dick to everyone.



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