Ex-BNP Member – Jack Buckby – Tops Opinion Poll

Jack Buckby, the former member of the BNP, who is standing for Jo Cox's seat in the Batley and Spen by-election -  tops the opinion polls  - as UK's biggest twat.

Britain's Biggest Twat - No Mean Feat.
Britain’s Biggest Twat – No Mean Feat.
Image Courtesy of YouTube -CCBY2.0

It’s not easy to become Britain’s biggest twat. There are, after all, many contenders for this coveted title.

However an opinion poll from YouTwat today shows a massive swing in favour of the new twat on the block, Jack Buckby.

Twat Hall of Fame
With people like, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage living in the country, it not easy to rise to the dizzy heights of Britain’s biggest twat,” explained YouTwat spokesman, Humphrey Bumphrey. “Jack has shown some quite unprecedented twatish behaviour that has allowed him his rightful place in the twat hall of fame.

Pathetic Opportunity
Mr Buckby, a racist from Yorkshire, recently decided to stand for the seat of recently murdered MP, Jo Cox. He has been able to seize a pathetic opportunity, to vent his extremist views, in the absence of other contenders.

After reading Katie Hopkins’ article on the MailOnline website yesterday, I was convinced that she was a proper big twat,” Sarah Chebbie, a dentist from Yorkshire, told the Druid’s Loom. “Then I read about this guy! What a fuck nut!” she continued.

Meanwhile, Mr Buckby intends to celebrate this twat accolade by posting hate filled and ill-informed comments on twitter.

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