Gove vs Morgan – Who is most punch-able?

Teachers across the country want to punch education secretary, Nikki Morgan, in the face. But is she more punch-able than Michael Gove? The Druid's Loom investigates.

Michael Gove
Bizarre Facial Expressions
Image (cropped) courtesy of Paul Clarke – CCBY3.0

There was no doubt that Michael Gove had a very punch-able face. With his, big rubbery lips, smarmy smile and bizarre facial gurning. However teachers have recently found their fists drawn to the face of Education Secretary incumbant, Nikki Morgan. Whilst not naturally punch-able; over time; her smug, self-satisfied smile and continuous degradation of the profession has left many fists twitching in school staff rooms across the country.

Innate basic desire

Geography teacher Brian Delany told us, “Every time a saw a picture or Gove, I wanted to punch him. It was an innate basic desire. Morgan however was different, it has been more insidious, my hatred for her building up over the last two years. Would I punch her? Yes – right between the eyes.”

Nikki Morgan
Image (cropped) courtesy of Policy Exchange – CCBY2.0

Rubber Hose

However English teacher Alyssia Blackburn’s opinion was slightly different. “Of course I wanted to punch Michael in the face, who wouldn’t; but there was this video clip of him falling over, which was quite endearing. Nikki on the other hand, she tells us there is not a recruitment problem in schools and I am doing the work of three people. I would gladly beat her with a rubber hose”.

Tested, tested and tested

It’s not only teachers who have an urge to damage Education Secretaries. Year 2 student, Natalie Jefferie explained “I have been tested, tested and tested since nursery. I have forgotten what the sunlight looks like. I would happily kick Gove in the balls and punch Morgan in the tits”

For old times sake – Michael Gove Falling Over

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