Hate Preacher Attacks Everyone

Disgusting hate preacher Katie Hopkins launched a tirade of abuse on Twitter against pretty much everyone and everything in a despicable attempt to 'cash in' on the tragedy that was unfolding in Brussels.

Immoral and Disgusting
Fuck Off Hopkins
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The vile harridan took to Twitter immediately after the attacks, showing little regard to the dead and injured.

Then, in her wisdom, she considered this an appropriate time to demonize all refugees, Brussels, Paris, plus many other peaceful groups and worse still use it to promote the Brexit campaign.

Heartless Old Hag
Brian Hedgebushtree, a Twitter user from Croydon told the Druid’s Loom, “I couldn’t believe my eye. The news was only just beginning to break, yet that heartless old hag was on Twitter, trying to drum up support for Brexit before the bodies were even cold

The columnist who is paid huge sums of money by the Daily Mail to whip their readership into a foaming orgy of racism and hate recently underwent brain surgery to try to cure her epilepsy.

Complete Bitch
The Druid’s Loom issued the following statement “We have deliberately not published any articles expressing our disdain for this ‘woman’ as we are aware that she has been recovering from brain surgery. This is because we are not total arse-holes. However today, Miss Hopkins has shown she is fully recovered and back to being a complete bitch. Normal service is therefore resumed.

Unfeeling Emotionless Sow
The statement continued, “Part of us hoped that during the surgery, the bit of her brain that causes her to be an unfeeling, emotionless sow would have been removed. Sadly however, it is apparent that this is not the case.



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March 23, 2016 08:26

The most pathetic article I have ever read. Poor, pathetic, rabid mind

The Druid
March 23, 2016 08:33
Reply to  Michael

Thanks for reading The Druid’s Loom. We are pleased you enjoyed this Satirical / Spoof website. Just to clarify, this means it’s not real… But I guessed you missed that bit.
Please visit again soon you little Cherub