Huge Party Political Party Planned

Britain will be stunned to learn that party leaders, Cameron, Corbyn and the Lib Dem one are planning on having one big political party after a referendum confirms that we are staying in the EU. We understand vast quantities of alcohol and finger food have already been ordered in anticipation.

The party political party is almost here.
The party political party is almost here.
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David Bennett, a barman in the House of Commons told The Druid’s Loom that the three have been cosying up in the corner of the bar while laughing about how ‘The public fall for the scripted PMQ’s each week and how we’re are going to make sure that we stay in the EU ‘whatever the public may want and vote for.”

Gravy Train
Bennett also overheard the Lib Dem one saying ‘Look Dave, Jezzer. Nobody knows who I am, if I’m male, female or the reincarnation of Lassie. Just make sure I’m able to stay on this gravy train keeps going until somebody works out who I am.‘ Bennett continued to say ‘the three of ’em are planning a big night out when the stay vote wins the upcoming election.’

Holding a Pint
Nigel Farage was outraged by the news. ‘I’m the first one for a party political party. You’ve all seen my Facebook profile picture holding a pint. Even if I don’t agree with the EU result, I feel Dave, Jeremy and the Lassie reincarnation should have at least put me in charge of the political party. What crap cigars are going to be provided without my input?

Secret Party
The SNP’s Alex Salmond sneered at the idea of the secret party stating ‘Scotland would hold the best party around. If Nicola Sturgeon and I are not invited to the party political party in England, then we’ll just have to hold our own night out and send the bill to the EU. Thank Christ we didn’t get independence.’

A spokesman for the Green Party looked unsurprised. ‘To be honest, we never get any party political party invites, so this is nothing new.’ Tears seemed be forming as he walked into the distance muttering ‘not again, not again.

Dress Sense
When challenged about the potential party leader’s party, David Cameron stated ‘It’s important that the main three parties go out a few times a year to understand each other views and partake in political bonding. A regular party political party is important to the nation and it also gives me the opportunity to laugh at Jeremy’s dress sense and try to work out who the Lib Dem one is

Druid’s Loom readers – Whatever the EU result, you can guarantee that Britain will remain as a member and our main politicians will get absolutely rat-arsed as a result.


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