Hypocrite Accuses Others of Being Hypocrites to Further Her Political Agenda

Professional gob-shite, Katie Hopkins, today told other people to stop doing precisely what she has done for years.


A Hypocrite - Yesterday
A Hypocrite – Yesterday
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Remain saw an opportunity to capitalise on a death & cashed in every chip in the house,” Katie Hopkins tweeted yesterday, as she saw an opportunity to capitalise on a death by writing about it in the Daily Mail for money.

Daily Mail
I don’t understand,” said Daily Mail reader Francis Littleengland, “Katie tried to paint the ‘Remainers’ as being hypocrites by doing exactly what she is accusing them of. It doesn’t make sense.

Bodies of Migrants
Hopkins, who in the past has spoken of her desire to see bodies of migrants floating in the Mediterranean, and has used the deaths of various celebrities to furnish her inflammatory tweets and articles – continues to try her hardest to offend everyone and everything.

One wonders how much lower she can stoop,” exclaimed twitter follower, Claire Dungheap. “Other than actually digging up a corpse, of a recently deceased migrant,  for a photo opportunity, she can’t actually get any worse.

The really ironic part is, I was thinking of voting ‘leave’, but being associated with the hate filled venom that she exudes, has made me decide to switch sides,” Mrs Dungheap concluded.

Frighteningly Sexual Frenzy
Miss Hopkins is now going to spend the next few days tweeting herself into a frighteningly sexual frenzy and being as nasty as possible to anyone who doesn’t share her view.

No doubt some idiotic media channel will invite her on a panel show. Here she will dominate proceedings, by interrupting everyone who speaks and continually spout bullshit, so no-one can get a word in edgeways.



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