Hypocrites Criticise Man for Acting on Anti-Semitism

A surprising number of media hypocrites criticised Jeremy Corbyn, yesterday, for quickly acting on anti-Semitism from a few members of his party. 

Jeremy - Taking Care of Shit
Jeremy – Taking Care of Shit
Image Courtesy of David Holt under the CC BY2.0 License

Right-wing media outlets were exceptionally quick to brand the Labour Party anti-semitic and to criticise Jeremy Corbyn’s lack of leadership in handling the ‘crisis’. This was despite him acting almost immediately and disciplining members of his party for their poor conduct.

Swarms of Migrants
This comes after a number of racist comments by members of the Conservative party have largely been ignored by the media. David Cameron, for example describes refugees as ‘swarms’. Boris Johnson referred to Obama as ‘Partly Kenyan’, claimed that ‘blacks have lower IQ’s” and said African’s had ‘watermelon smiles’. Finally Zac Goldsmith continually describes Sadiq Kahn as an extremist, just because he is Muslim.

Billion U-Turns
Voter Kirk Willyblump told the Druid’s Loom, “How is this a crisis? The leader of the Labour party is doing what he is supposed to be doing; leading! – I tell you what is a crisis, the fact that the doctors keep striking and there have been about a billion u-turns in the Department for education. Not to mention all that shit with the Department for Work and Pensions. That’s a fucking crisis!

Children Floating
How come this inherent racism is barely reported in the Sun or Daily Mail?” he continued. “I suppose you expect this kind of stuff when they employ someone like Katie Hopkins; who openly admits she wants to see bodies of migrant children floating in the Mediterranean!

A spokesperson for The Sun, Dick Morontwat explained, “Our bias, ill researched reporting will make sure that the public vote for whoever Rupert Murdoch is supporting at any given moment.”

“Anyway, I have to go,we have just got a paparazzi shot of Emma Watson in a bikini so I have to go and write a sexist, masturbatory ‘article’!” he concluded, whilst rubbing his crotch and licking his lips.



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