“I didn’t do it – honest” says Michael Gove

Michael Gove, today told reporters that He didn't tell the Sun 'newspaper' about Nick Clegg's argument with the Queen; whilst looking at his feet sheepishly.

Slimy Little Turd
Slimy Little Turd
Image courtesy of Paul Clarke – CCBY2.0

Without making eye contact and looking really shifty, Michael Gove denied all knowledge of ‘grassing’ on Nick Clegg to the Sun ‘newspaper’.


“I didn’t do it!” he exclaimed, before pouting and saying “You have no proof anyway – you always blame me”.

Huffed and Puffed

Mr Gove then huffed and puffed for a bit whilst the grilling from reporters continued.

“I was hardly even there anyway, and I went to the toilet when Nick was talking to the Queen so I didn’t see it happen or anything. Why would I do this anyway? It’s just not fair!”

Annoying Teachers

When the Druid’s Loom questioned Nick Clegg over the incident, he told us, “I bet it was him, the slimy little turd! He’s always had it in for me when I got to be Deputy Prime Minster and he got lumbered with all those annoying teachers.”



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Anne American
March 12, 2016 18:26

Michael Gove looks really strange

M Gove
March 13, 2016 13:53

Hello Anne… would you like a sweetie?