I Really Can’t Be Arsed Anymore – Says Jeremy Hunt

On hearing the news  this morning, and being reminded there is another doctors strike, Jeremy Hunt just rolled over and went back to bed.

A Great Big Hunt, Yesterday
A Great Big Hunt, Yesterday
Image Courtesy of NHS Confederation Flickr Under the CC BY2.0 License

Arrogant arse Jeremy Hunt, today shied away from the public eye today as junior doctors went on strike for the fourth time. By pulling the bed covers over his head, he hoped that no one would notice if he wasn’t in work today.

Contract Going to Happen
I really, really can’t be arsed with this anymore,” a bleary eyed Hunt told the Druid’s Loom. “When are these  junior ‘doctors’ going to realise I really don’t give a shit what they think. This new contract thing is going to happen because it will make it easier for me to dismantle the NHS.

Shocking Lack of Knowledge
Mr Hunt went on to display his shocking lack of knowledge about the Health Service, “Perhaps when these junior ‘doctors’ grow up and become  older and wiser proper doctors, I may listen. That’s how the jobs hierarchy works in medicine isn’t it? I wouldn’t know – I studied Politics and Philosophy at Uni!

Tax Related Shenanigans
As junior doctors battle to make sure that frontline medical services are operated in a safe way, Mr Hunt flicked through the channels on the TV, hoping that some more juicy tax related shenanigans would surface about David Cameron, in order to take the pressure off him.

Mr Hunt is the MP for South West Surrey and once ran a failed business exporting marmalade to Japan.


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