Iain Duncan-Himmler Resigns!

The Reichstag was rocked today following the shock resignation of the Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan-Himmler.

You Hypocrite!
You Hypocrite!
Image Courtesy of Mattbr Under the CCn BY2.0 License

He handed his letter of resignation to Reich Fuhrer David Cameron in the early hours, citing ‘cruel policies aimed at the most vulnerable in society.’ 


The shock resignation has taken everyone at the Reichstag by surprise as it was Iain Duncan-Himmler himself who first introduced cruel policies aimed at the most vulnerable. He told a puzzled Druids Loom reporter – 


‘I am unable to stand by passively as the policies I supported yesterday are inflicted on the disabled. I’m such a fucking hypocrite!’ 

Old School Chum

Sources close to Duncan-Himmler have denied the resignation is an attempt to undermine the Fuhrer and bolster the EU ‘Blitz-It’ campaign. Downing Street has so far refused to comment, but the Fuhrer is said to be jolly disappointed with his old school chum.

Are you disabled? Would you like to shove your wheelchair up IDH’s arse? Me too. 

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Eric Pickles
March 19, 2016 16:51

Unlike state scroungers, I stand on my own two feet.
I assume they’re mine – I haven’t seen them in years.

Jon Do
March 19, 2016 16:56

You might be interested in this link. People have actually killed themselves thanks to IDS.