Idiots Fail to Read Past Headline

A large number of idiots today failed to read past the headline of a satire story and got their knickers in a right royal twist.

Read the Article you Idiots
Read the Article you Idiots
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Without reading more than five words, readers of the Druid’s Loom today got themselves in a right pickle, without actually reading the story.

I just read the headline, ‘Brexit is Awesome – Say Racists’, and I took it to mean I was racist, because I voted for Brexit,” said Chris Clumpford, a confused reader from Romford.

If I had read the article I would have realised, that it was referring to the increase in racist incidents, since the EU referendum,” he concluded.

Political and Economical Mess
The Druid’s Loom uses headlines like many other publications; in order to attract attention to the article. Due to space restrictions a headline never gives away much detail about the story. One should always read further into the main body of the text, before they begin to foam at the mouth in rage.

If you think about it, much of this political and economical mess could have been avoided if people followed the advice above.

It’s really strange,” explained the editor of the Druid’s Loom. “The headline didn’t in any way suggest all the people who voted leave were racist and neither did the accompanying subtext. However to avoid any further confusion we have altered the headline to make more specific to the groups of people we were referring to.”

We apologise for any upset caused – we appreciate that everyone has much, much bigger things to worry about these days – such as where their pension has just gone – so we are sorry,” he added.





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