Jealous Bitch has a go at People who do Good Things

Jealous bitch, Katie Hopkins, had a go at philanthropists, today, who are trying their hardest to make the world a better place.

Amounted to Nothing - Katie Hopkins, Yesterday
Amounting to Nothing – Katie Hopkins, Yesterday
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Worthless old sow, Katie Hopkins today launched a bizarre and unwarranted  attack against good people, who are using their money to help the less fortunate around the world.

The raddled harridan, who shot to fame by being crap on a reality TV show and fucking someone in a field, presented her vile and objectionable article in the Daily Mail. Her victims were Mark Zuckerberg, his wife, Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Yuri Milner, and Elon Musk, some of the most successful and intelligent people of our time.

How did she speak of some of the world’s most brilliant visionaries? She implied they were autistic, she called them nerds and geeks, what a childish bully! It’s all a bit rich too, coming from someone whose only notable achievement is being a suppurating boil, on the buttocks of life.

Facebook, Microsoft, Paypal, are organisations that have revolutionised the way we live our modern lives. They have made a lot of money for their founders who now wish to give something back to the world.

What is wrong with having an ambition to manage all disease, get rid of childhood poverty or to reach for the stars? Nothing and Katie knows it. But they get a bit more attention than her, so that causes her to get her baggy old knickers in a twist.

But this is of course all from a women who once published an article in the Sun ‘newspaper’, saying she would like to see the bodies of dead children floating in the Mediterranean – delightful!

For some unfathomable reason Katie sees a problem with these people being nice. She is suspicious, calls it a “God complex”, she can’t understand why someone would gladly part with billions of pounds to help a fellow human being.

Shit Stain
The reason why you don’t understand Katie, is because they are intelligent and good people. Something you are not and never will be. They are people who see the amount of money they have and say – “I don’t need more“. They, unlike corrupt governments, shallow celebrities, or – whatever you are,  have the intelligence and integrity to realise that being the richest people in the world amounts to nothing, if the whole planet is going to shit.

So Katie why don’t you crawl back under your festering rock, go on, fuck off. Fuck off and stop being such a heartless, envious shit stain on humanity. Take your followers with you, the baying morons you nurture by inciting a cacophony of hatred and abuse.

At least Mark Zuckerberg can’t be blamed for giving you the pedestal on which to inject your venom. The fucking Daily Mail, does that for you.



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