Jeremy Hunt Agrees to Talks

Jeremy Hunt today agreed to enter talks, with the Grim Reaper, in order to sway public opinion over the Junior Doctor's strike.

Jeremy Hunt and Death in Talks
Jeremy Hunt and Death in Talks
ronymichaud / Pixabay

In an attempt to avert another strike by Junior Doctors, Jeremy hunt finally agreed to talks; with Death.

Permanent Ending
Mr Hunt met with the Grim Reaper on the bank of the River Styx, in order to discuss the permanent ending of vital processes in cells or tissue. The purpose of the meeting was to increase the death rate on strike days to sway public opinion away from the doctors.

Sun Readers
Unfortunately not enough additional people have died on strike days for me to blame the doctors,” Mr Hunt told the Druid’s Loom.  “I tried to do it today on the telly, but the evidence is just not there, so all I ended up doing was worry a few Sun readers, until Jeremy Kyle came on.

Termination of Human Life
It is understood that Mr Hunt is increasingly irritated that the public are siding with 50,000 highly educated individuals, and not him. During the meeting Mr Hunt asked if Death could increase the termination of human life on strike days, so he could once and for all, blame their loss of life on the Junior Doctors.

Imposed Contract
However the meeting did not go well, as The Forth Horseman of the Apocalypse was not happy with the terms of the agreement. Mr Hunt refused to negotiate and in the end he simply imposed the contract on to The Angel of Death.

National Treasure
Mr Hunt’s terms and conditions were wholly unreasonable,” Death explained to the Druid’s Loom. “He asked if I could do a double shift, on the next strike day, particularly focusing on hospital wards. He told me if I could try to include a ‘national treasure’ celebrity into the mix too that would be great, what with the curse of 2016 and everything. – The man is a complete cunt!

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April 26, 2016 20:31

What a load of rubbish. These, why do we want Junior doctors anyway – I don’t care if they all get sacked – I just want to to be treated by senior doctors who know what they are doing.

Also – GET BACK to work or get a REAL JOB you lazy little turds!

April 26, 2016 21:22

You’d best be trollin’