Jeremy Hunt Warns the Public of ‘Cough your Asshole out Craze’

The Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has warned people about the new craze that is sweeping the internet, that involves coughing one's anus inside out.

ome Unrelated Cough Syrup - Yesterday
Some Unrelated Cough Syrup – Yesterday
Original_Frank / Pixabay

UK Secretary of state for health Jeremy Hunt has warned the public of the latest social media craze ‘cough your asshole out’. A charity fund raiser that follows ‘the water bucket challenge’, ‘cough your asshole out’ has gone viral as You Tube volunteers are intentionally coughing their assholes from out of their bodies.

A Great Big Hunt

Jeremy Hunt said “I strongly urge the public to avoid this dangerous stunt. Though its intentions are selfless and honourable there may be serious consequences for those that take part. Involuntary coughing can be a positive reaction that serves to clear the throat and airways. Conversely a forceful voluntary cough could crack a rib, strain a muscle or rupture a nasal vein”.

Anal Core

Richard Preece, conservative MP for Carlisle, successfully completed the challenge, raising over four thousand pounds for charity.

He has since however openly conceded that his participation in the internet project was a mistake. Preece said “I don’t feel I have received sufficient credit or recognition for my heroic You Tube challenge contribution. My wife was particularly underwhelmed.”

“When I told her I had coughed my anal core from out of my anatomy with authenticity, style, grace, precision and nobility, in a gallant, resounding unbridled manner, when I told her I had unselfishly raised a substantial amount of cash for sufferers of the most severe forms of foot ailments like bunions, corns, athletes foot and ingrowing toe nails, when I told her that she said “so what?, I know a bloke who pissed his nuts out into a trifle,” he added.

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