Kelvin Mackenzie’s, Fat, Ugly face more Offensive than Hijab

Most people in the UK have decided that whilst there is nothing wrong with a news presenter wearing a hijab, there is something fundamentally obscene by allowing a fat, racist prick to incite racial hatred in a national newspaper.

A Fat Cunt - Yesterday
A Fat Cunt – Yesterday
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Known liar, and xenophobic shit stick, Kelvin Mackenzie, yesterday complained that award-winning journalist, Fatima Manji, was a muslim wearing a hijab.

Gargantuan Turd
For some reason a national newspaper, The Sun, allows this gargantuan turd, to peddle his hatred, in a weekly column. The non-existent outrage was then taken up by other ‘newspapers’, such as the Daily Mail, albeit using slightly bigger words.

Ingrained Racism
I don’t know what Kelvin was moaning about,” explained viewer Freya Chortle. “I watched the same news program as him, and I was horrified by the events that had unfolded in Nice. Not at any stage did I give a second thought to what the journalist was wearing.

It just goes to show, that fuckers like Kelvin Mackenzie have racism ingrained so deeply in them, they see it everywhere,” she concluded.

Decomposing Pig
Other people were quick to point out that Mr Mackenzie’s comments about Fatima Manji, were infinitely more offensive than what she was wearing.

If I want to see a pus filled sack erupting, I will watch one of those gross black-head popping videos people share on Facebook,” Daria Haria, a viewer from Sussex told the Druid’s Loom.

How Kelvin Mackenzie can slag off what someone is wearing, when he has a face that looks like a decomposing pig is beyond me,” she added.

More Bullshit
The Druid’s Loom approached Mr Mackenzie for comment but a spokesman said he was unavailable.

They claimed he was busy writing more bullshit, using small words, disjointed sentences and ill-researched soundbites. Shite that appeals to the lowest common denominator and thus designed to incite as much anger and hatred as possible.


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