Known Liar Says Britain “Doing Great” After Brexit

Compulsive liar, Donald Trump, told treacherous liar Michael Gove  that he 'thought' Britain was 'doing great after Brexit', in an interview yesterday.

A Liar, Yesterday
A Liar, Yesterday
Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore, under the CCBY2.0 license

President-elect, Donald Trump,  explained in an interview,  using barely coherent sentences,  that he ‘thought’ the UK was doing ‘great’ after Brexit.

During the interview, with Michael Gove, Mr Trump also explained that he would like to do a swift trade deal with the “United Britain Kingland”.

I am a smart guy,” Mr Trump lied “I think I am smart and England thinks I’m smart. This is why I want to do a deal with England. England knows I am a winner and Hilary isn’t. I am looking forward to visiting Londonshire to meet the Prime Minister Nigel Farage.

Rubber faced turd, Michael Gove then gleefully grinned, flexing his jowls; stopping briefly for a cringe-worthy photograph with Mr Trump, with his thumbs up.

I know that a deal with a man who has been bankrupt 6 times is a jolly marvellous idea. It would easily justify pulling out of the established symbiotic trade deal that is the EU single market,” Mr Gove said, unconvincingly.

I am sure that we can trust this man, and wont be overlooked when Russia come up with a better offer,” he added, crossing his fingers.


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