“La La La La – Not Listening” – Says Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt today pretended he couldn't hear what the President of the Royal College of Physicians was saying.

If I pretend they are not there it's all right
If I pretend they are not there it’s all right
Image Courtesy of Howard Lake Under the CC BY2.0 License

Professor Jane Dacre, President of the Royal College of Physicians and one of the country’s leading doctors will warn, Jeremy Hunt –  someone who once set up a company that failed to export marmalade to Japan [1], – that there are not enough doctors for a 7-day NHS.

La La

Mr Hunt, will think he knows better than this and ignore her advice. Not only that, he will stick his fingers in his ears, shout “La La La La, I can’t hear you“, and close his eyes until she goes away.


Department for Health spokesperson Jancie Roundberry told the Druid’s Loom, “Everyone knows that people who set up businesses trying to sell marmalade to the Japanese, and fail, are experts in all aspects of healthcare“.


Junior Doctors staged 48 hour strike last week in protest of Mr Hunt’s changes to their contract.
To be honest these Junior Doctors need to put up and shut up. WE KNOW BEST! Anyone can stick a plaster on someone’s knee. It takes someone really special to try and export marmalade to Japan.” Mrs Roundberry continued.

Next week Mr Hunt, plans to ignore some of the top evidence from medical scientists and continue to push ahead with his dangerous and inhumane reforms.

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