Liberal Snowflake Watches Avalanche with Interest

A man who has a political viewpoint, that causes dog turds, such as Katie Hopkins and Piers Morgan call him a snowflake, has watched the awesome power of an avalanche with interest.

Some Liberal Snowflakes, Yesterday
Some Liberal Snowflakes, Yesterday
Image courtesy of Scientif38 under the CC BY3.0 License

James Huddlepot, from Dover, has a compassionate set of political views which means he hates seeing fellow humans suffering or being exploited by those more powerful.

These ideas mean he has come under fire from twats like Katie Hopkins and Piers Morgan. These ‘journalists’ appear to believe  progress can only be made if we are all really horrible to each other.

In the media they call people like me ‘Liberal Snowflakes’,” Mr Huddlepot told the Druid’s Loom. “It’s probably because they think compassion for fellow human beings somehow shows fragility and is a bit wet,” he explained.

Mountain Side
However, the other day I was watching this nature documentary and it showed this great big avalanche zooming down a mountain. Now isn’t an avalanche just a shit load of snowflakes?

Mr Huddlepot was amazed by the sheer  power of this avalanche and it suddenly dawned on him that the term “Liberal Snowflake” is not so derogatory at all.

Think about it,” he continued. “Get loads of us snowflakes together and who knows what we can achieve. You don’t even need that many – look how the country grinds to a halt when you get a flurry of snow at an airport!

Other achievements by snowflakes include the landscape changing act of glaciation. Billions of compacted snowflakes slide slowly across the environment, literally carving out valleys and lakes from solid rock.

Parasitic Worms
That’s the difference between us snowflakes and piles of dog shit, like Katie Hopkins and Piers Morgan,” explained Mr Huddlepot. “We work together trying to make the world a better place – actually shaping the environment in which we live. They just stink and are probably full of parasitic worms.


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